Wraptastic is the easy way to wrap your foods and leftovers in plastic, foil and wax and parchment paper. This product is safer to use than traditional boxes. Wraptastic contains no exposed blades, and its rubber feet prevent it from sliding across the counter. It’s the frustration-free way to wrap and store all your leftovers, and it’s neater and cleaner than using a store-bought box.

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  • Safe Cutting Blade
  • More Than Plastic Wrap
  • Fast To Use
  • Does Not Slide
  • Buy One Get One


  • Double Shipping
  • Location Fees


To load the device, all you have to do is remove the plastic wrap or foil from its grocery store, cardboard box and insert it into the Wraptastic holder. To use, simply pull the edge of the plastic and wrap your food like a professional. It’s much faster than using a traditional box of plastic wrap or aluminum foil.

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Wraptastic eliminates frustrating tearing and tangling and frees both of your hands so that you can effectively wrap and store your food. The Wraptastic holder will not slip or slide across the counter while you pull the plastic. Its rubber feet prevent slipping and sliding. This means that you can pull out exactly the right amount of foil or plastic wrap every time you use the product. This eliminates unwanted waste and saves you money.


The Wraptastic holder holds all standard sizes of food wrapping and lining materials and can hold rolls of up to 200 feet. The holder is spring loaded for easy tube changing, and it fits into most standard kitchen drawers because it is the same size as a standard box of foil or wrap. You also do not have to worry about the wrapping product falling out of the holder. The Wraptastic lid and secure locking mechanism means that your foil or plastic wrap will always stay inside the holder.

The Wraptastic holder’s blades are recessed to prevent unwanted and accidental finger and hand cuts, and you never have to run your finger down the blade to cut the wrapping product or tug the product across the blade. The Wraptastic cuts easily and in a straight line with just one press on the lid. This is much faster than using a traditional box of plastic wrap.

Buy One Get One

When you order the Wraptastic holder, you will receive two holders for $10.99 and a free roll of aluminum foil and plastic wrap. If you decide you do not like the Wraptastic holder, simply return both products within 30 days.

Shipping and handling is $6.99 for one Wraptastic holder. When purchasing two holders, the shipping and handling charges total $13.98 for a total purchase price of $24.97. For orders outside of the 48 continuous states, add another $10 in shipping and handling. Sales tax applies to individuals ordering from California, Connecticut, Nevada and Vermont. If you are ordering from Canada, a province tax will be applied to your order.

Order And Delivery

Placed orders may take up to 24 hours to be delivered to the POS system. Once your order is received, it will be processed and packaged for delivery. Delivery takes between three and six weeks after your order is processed.

Questions and concerns about your order can be handled between 8:30 a.m. and 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time from Monday through Friday. If you choose to return your product you will be refunded the $10.99 purchase price. Shipping and handling will not be included in your refund.

Online Safety

As with every online purchase, you should use a credit card, not a debit card or bank card. Credit card companies provide more protections than banks, and credit cards do not give the online company access to your bank account. Before finalizing your purchase, make sure that the order total is accurate. If you are ever unsure about your purchase, cancel the order and call customer service or do more research on the company. It is up to you to stay safe when ordering products from the Internet.

Wraptastic is a great way to quickly and easily wrap all your leftover foods. It wraps bowls, plates, sandwiches, meats and baking dishes easily and securely without causing undue frustration or wasting valuable wrapping material. It’s also affordable. Most orders will total $24.97 or $12.48 per holder. Over time, this product should pay for itself due to less wasted material. Order your Wraptastic holder today and wrap your foods conveniently without the risk of cuts, tangles and unneeded stress.